CopyQueue is designed to be easy to use, supporting drag and drop to add files and rearrange items in the queue.

Add files to copy

You can add files by dragging them into the main window, or by clicking the Add button. Choose between a file in the OS X file system, a file on an FTP server, or a file to download from the internet.

Pause and resume

The queue can be paused at any time, even part way through a copy. When you're ready, the transfer can be resumed from where it left off (not all web servers support resumed downloads).

Select a destination

By default, you pick the destination every time you add files to the queue, which is called 'Any Folder'. If you are copying several files to the same destination, you can choose a default destination and files will be copied there automatically. You can upload files to an FTP server by specifying an FTP server as the default destination.

Retry a failed transfer

Sometimes a transfer may fail because the network connection was unavailable or the disk was full. The time spent copying so far is not lost: press Retry when the problem has been corrected and you can resume the copy from where it ended. Press and hold to enable automatic retry of failed transfers.

Clear completed items

If you have several completed transfers in the queue, you can clear them all at once by pressing this button. Incomplete transfers will continue to be processed, so this is useful to see the remaining items in a big queue. Press and hold for more options, including clearing all tasks and automatically clearing completed items.

Verify the copy

An unreliable disk or connection may result in an invalid file copy. CopyQueue will double check that every byte has been copied correctly when Verify is enabled. After copying the file, CopyQueue will read the source again and check that every byte is the same.

Limit the speed

To avoid consuming too much bandwidth, you can enable a speed limit. This speed limit applies to both network and disk transfers. You can select a limit from 1 KB/s (very slow) up to 1 GB/s (fast). Files will copy slower when a speed limit is applied, but less bandwidth will be used.

Schedule transfers

If you don't want to copy the files now, you can schedule the transfer for another time. In the Schedule Panel you can set a time to start copying, stop copying, enable the speed limit or disable the speed limit.

For example, to copy a file overnight in between the times of 12:00 pm and 3:00 am, set the start copying time to 12:00 pm and the stop copying time to 3:00 am. The queue will automatically start at 12:00 pm and stop at 3:00 am (if it hasn't finished by then). Note that if your computer is asleep at the scheduled time, CopyQueue is unable to wake up and start copying.

Item Controls

Individual transfers can be controlled by right clicking the item to bring up a menu, or directly using the buttons on the item. The buttons also help to indicate whether the transfer has failed or completed successfully.


An individual transfer can be suspended by pressing this button, and it won't continue until you click resume. Other tasks in the queue will continue as normal.


A suspended transfer will display this button, which allows you to resume the copy. Once resumed, it will start copying in queue order.


A failed transfer will display this button, which allows you to try the transfer again.


Completed transfers display this button, which will reveal the copied file in Finder when clicked.


This button is used to cancel the transfer immediately, and delete the partially copied file. If the item is already complete, it is cleared from the list without affecting the copied file.

Item Badges

Additional icons known as badges can appear on an item to provide additional information about the transfer.

Remove Original File

This badge is displayed when the 'remove original file' option is enabled, by pressing Option when dropping files in the queue, or selecting the option from the right click menu. Removing the original file allows CopyQueue to perform a move operation rather than a copy, since the original file will be removed after the copy has been completed.

Unable to Resume

This badge is displayed for downloads where the server does not support resuming. Take care not to pause or suspend these transfers because they must start again from the beginning.

Skipped Files

This badge is displayed if there are hidden files in the original folder which will not be copied. You can enable copying hidden files in the preferences. DS_Store files will not cause this badge to appear because they do not contain user data.